New Field Construction 
New Field Construction Services by West Michigan Sports Turf includes a focus on the creation of Football, Soccer, Baseball, Shot-put, Track and Field, and other Highschool and Private School municipal athletic fields. 

Athletic Field Renovation
We provide consultation and direct labor to renovate football fields, baseball fields, track facilities, and any other athletic field facilities in West Michigan. 

Turf Care Maintenance Plan
Our turf management team specializes in optimizing the use and longevity of your athletic field with our system of Turf Care Maintenance Plans.

Athletic Field Painting 
Providing Layout and painting of the following athletic fields: Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Shot Put, Discuss, Baseball, Softball and Cross Country. We string our fields every time to ensure crisp and straight lines.

Specialized Athletic Field Painting
 We also provide specialized painting services for those who do some of their own painting but need something special. We can paint field numbers for football, end zone designs, and logos.

Aerification is an important part of an athletic field maintenance program. Core Aerating opens up the thatch layer allowing for easier nutrient uptake while reducing soil compaction.

Topdressing athletic fields is another important part of an athletic field maintenance program. Topdressing is the process of spreading granulated soil evenly over specified areas to improve drainage and aid in overseeding.

Over Seeding
Athletic fields are used heavily during the season leaving them in need of overseeding. Areas like a soccer goal mouth or the fifty-yard line on the football field see extreme wear. These areas should be top dressed and re-seeded both spring and fall.

Pitching mound construction/Renovation 
Installation and renovation of pitching mounds using clay bricks ensure the mound will stay functional and safe for years to come. Traditional stone dust mounds wear faster and are more dangerous because of loose soils and little support.

Infield edging 
​Grass encroachment from the outfield/infield into the stone dust areas can be controlled by edging the grass lines annually. This will keep the field looking crisp and clean.