Ryan Baumbach, Partner
Ryan Baumbach developed a love for turf grass while attending Michigan State University.  After receiving his degree in Sports and Commercial Turfgrass Management he went on to become the Head Groundskeeper for the West Michigan Whitecaps.   His success and expertise made him well known within the industry and led to him being one of eight hand selected members to work the 2005 MLB ALL-Star Week in Detroit where his crew painted all of the MLB All-Star Logos.  Ryan is well rounded in all aspects of athletic field maintenance and turf grass management.

Matt Baumbach, Partner
Matt Baumbach is also a co-founder and partner of 
Pro-Mow Lawn Care and Landscape LLC. He and his partner Nick studied business and Played football for Hope College while operating a lawn maintenance company.    The company had grown so much in those 4 years that after graduating they decided to put their degrees to work in the landscape industry.  A love for athletics and turf led them to a partnership with Ryan Baumbach specializing in athletic field maintenance and renovation.  Matt is responsible for the day to day business transactions and operations as well as the field work.

Nick Conrad, Partner
Nick Conrad, also a co-founder and partner in 
Pro-Mow Lawn Care and Landscape LLC specializes in the construction end of athletic field maintenance.

Nick’s experience in the landscape design and construction business gives him the ability manage large scale projects while still maintaining that level of customer service his customers have grown to love.  Nick specializes in the design/build operations for West Michigan Sports Turf.